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Envelope Supply & print

If you are looking for an envelope supplier you have come to the right place.

Do you want printed or plain?

Window or non-window?

Size DL, C6, C5, C4 or bigger?

A custom manufactured and printed envelope?

Maybe a custom size envelope or a custom window position?

In white or a specific colour? Red, blue, green black, any pantone, any shade.

Perhaps a Boardback envelope or jiffy bags?

Short or long run full colour envelopes?

As a mailing company we use literally millions of envelopes a year for our own purposes. This gives us both tremendous buying power coupled with technology to make envelopes really work for you.

Our investment in the latest technology enables us to produce full colour envelopes printed with your marketing message at the click of a button. We can even print the names and  addresses at the same time if you want. This gives you the edge over the competition, makes your marketing stand out from the crowd.

We keep a stock of standard sizes in our warehouse for everyday use, enabling us to turn ’emergency’ mailings around same day if required.

Some simple definitions to help you understand envelopes a bit more:

What size is a DL envelope? standard size 110mm x 220mm (to take A4 folded in to 1/3)

What size is a C5 envelope? standard size 229mm x 162mm (to take A4 folded in half to A5)

What size is a C4 envelope? standard size 324mm x 229mm (to take A4 unfolded)

What is a gummed envelope? Usually for use on a mailing machine that automatically inserts items, and the flap requires to be”wet” for it to stick down. Quite often this will be slightly wider than the standard envelope at 235mm x 162mm for example on a C5. Gummed envelopes are also often used as reply envelopes within mailings (also known as freepost or Business reply envelopes or BRE’s) as they are cheaper.

What is a self-seal envelope? Used for hand stuffed mailings, pre-glued flaps stick together when pressed.

What is a peel and seal envelope? The pre-guled flap has a protective film that needs to be lifted in order for the envelope to stick down. These have a longer shelf life than self-seal.

What’s the difference between a pocket and a wallet envelope? A wallet opens on the longer edge, a pocket on the shorter.


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