FBI Direct Limited – Mailing and Membership Services

Laser Print & Inkjet

Black and white laser printing:

We have invested heavily in this area of our business as it is very much at the core of what we do. We operate a bank of production level printers which gives us the capacity to print up-to 20,000 pages per hour, whilst retaining the flexibility to print a number of different jobs at the same time.

We can print from A6 to oversize A3, both single sided (simplex) and double sided (duplex).

We pride ourselves on the very high quality print that our lasers produce. We have guaranteed 4 hour engineer response, which means that we never produce anything less than total perfection.

The printers also have the ability to staple, fold and hole-punch inline, giving us the flexibility to meet all of your document production needs.

Plastic membership card printing

These are mainly used as membership and identity cards.

We can produce either total full colour cards or print single colour personalisation on to pre-printed cards.

We have the facilities for bar-coding, magnetic strip encoding and chip coding. We can also supply and print ‘integral’ style cards that peel out from the carrier ¬†letterhead.

Colour laser printing:

We also offer full colour laser printing with the option to print your letterhead and variable text in one pass. This saves you both time and money, whilst retaining total flexibility.

By using variable picture and paragraph inserting, the contents of database fields allows you to select the exact message that each individual prospect receives. The entire letter content can be switched by just a single flag in a mail-merge field.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printers offer the opportunity to print directly onto envelopes, postcards and any other media that is otherwise unsuitable for laser printing. With our special fast drying inks it is even possible to print on high gloss surfaces. The dual head design of the printers also allows for the printing of return addresses and PPIs in tandem with the variable address personalisation.

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