FBI Direct Limited – Mailing and Membership Services

Why FBI?

You know your lemons. You don’t need us to tell you WHY you should be using a mailing house, you already know that.

What we do need to tell you is why you should be using FBI Direct in particular?

Well, it’s basically like this: we are really easy to work with and we know our stuff. Established in 1993 FBI Direct is owned and  run by the same team it has been right from day one. Yes we really are that old.

We’ve got all the kit you could ever need, from poly-wrappers, inkjets, high volume laser printers , automatic envelope enclosing machines (see video below) and lots of pairs of experienced hands for all the fiddly stuff.

Who are our clients? Print management companies, printers, creative agencies, membership organisations, sporting clubs, venues, manufacturers, councils, to name but a few.

We tend to specialise in the low to mid volume end of the Direct mail services spectrum. We are not particularly interested in sending out a million letters at a time, but are quite happy to send out from 100 to 250,000 items.

But hey, if you have got a ‘big job’ then we work closely with some of the ‘big boys’ in the direct mail industry that give us ‘trade only’ rates! Rates that we can pass on to you that you wouldn’t be able to achieve yourself, whilst we still stay in control of the project.

Our QA processes have been developed mainly around membership mailings. We know how important it is for every single mail-piece to reach it intended destination intact and on time. And that is how we treat all of our mailing projects no matter how big or small.

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