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Cheaper postage

Are you still paying full price for stamps? Or did the franking machine rep sell you the “cheapest possible” way to post a letter?

There is better way, a cheaper way.  A way that could result in you saving up to 40-60% per item. And you don’t even have to stuff your own envelopes… after all, couldn’t you be doing something far more productive?

How does it work? What’s the catch? No catch. FBI Direct benefits from massively reduced postage costs from our suppliers because we post over ten million items per year. We pass those benefits on to you.

To start achieving discounts, the minimum number of items to post in one run is just 100. The more you post, the higher the discounts. And if you are posting more than 100 items at a time it might be worth considering using our print and mailing services. We guarantee you will find that it is cheaper to get FBI to print and stuff your envelopes than if you do them yourselves. Freeing up you and your staff to do more productive things, to make you more money!

There are also massive discounts for large letters and parcels. Please ask us for details.

The technical bits: how it works Below you will find a list of what our postage costs are for ‘letters’, by different volumes: The best value are highlighted in ..RED. When compared to the cost for a 2nd class stamp 60% savings are achievable given the volume and the correct presentation to Royal Mail. We challenge you not to save!

Royal Mail Stamps: 2nd class letters 66p
Your 2nd class franking machine rate: 55p
Our 2nd class rate for 100 to 1000 items: 40p     

The more you mail, the bigger the discounts:

1000+  letters business mail:: 38p
4000+  letters advertising mail:  26p

Some definitions to help make sense of it all:

Advertising Mail: All Mailing Items to qualify must be addressed and must comprise a largely uniform message with the primary purpose of promoting the sale or use of products or services, or to encourage contribution to or support of a cause.
Business Mail: any mail that is not advertising mail or product based items / orders.
Prices valid until 31st Dec 2021.  May be altered without prior notice.
Letters are defined as max 240mm x 165mm, up to 100g, max 5mm thick, UK addresses with full and correct postcodes.

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