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Back to the future

In a recent study…. blah blah blah… boring….

What you really want to know is how can you get MORE of your envelopes opened?

Back in the days before computers and printers ALL letters had a 100% open rate.

You hand wrote the letter, stuck a stamp on it, put it in the postbox. It got opened. Simple.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you sit for 14 weeks and write out 10,000 envelopes, or even stick on five grands worth of stamps. That would be be madness, wouldn’t it? But then if you got 10,000 people to open your envelopes…. tempting? Er… no.

Do it like this instead:

Step 1. Order envelopes pre-printed with what appears to be a Royal Mail 2nd class stamp. These can only be printed by approved suppliers, the colours have to be 100% exact.

Step 2. Run your data through a special sortation program called mailsort to achieve postage discounts (typically discounted to 20p per letter for a sales mailshot or charity appeal)

Step 3. Address your envelopes using a high tech inkjet printer in a hand-writing font, using blue ink

Step 4. Insert your letter / flyer to the envelopes using an envelope enclosing machine

Step 5. Post your envelopes

Step 6. Sit back and watch the money roll in….

Of course if you don’t happen to have the mailsort programme, the inkjet printer or the envelope encloser then we could always help you out….. I suppose…

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