FBI Direct Limited – Mailing and Membership Services

Mailing & Polywrap

We offer a range of services which cover all of the requirements that you might have to produce your mailings both cost effectively and to the highest standards.

Machine enclosing:

Our automated envelope enclosers allow for up to 8 items to be collated and inserted, including non-standard items such as CD’s, raffle ticket books and landscape orientated items which do not normally feed automatically. We can enclose to DL, C5, 220mm square and C4 envelopes. All feeders offer double detection for absolute piece of mind.


Our Norpack line allows for up-to 8 items to be enclosed to polythene, with options for printed and bio-degradable film. We operate several drop-in ‘hand-baggers’ for added flexibility.

Hand enclosing:

For mailings that require a more delicate touch, or are not suitable for machine enclosing, we employ a dedicated team of workers for hand enclosing. We also undertake pack making and order processing.


Our inkjet equipment allows for the direct personalisation of postcards and one piece mailers, without the need to affix self-adhesive labels.

Door Drop / door to door / letterbox services

These are envelopes that do not require addressing, but are delivered by postcode areas as requested. We offer both packing to Royal Mail specification and also via an independent agent (which is cheaper and more flexible).

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