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What is PAF?

What does PAF stand for?

PAF is short for Postcode Address File.

What’s it all about? We take your database of names and addresses and compare it to the how the Royal Mail says it should look. We then update your database so it matches the Royal Mail file.

Why would you want to do that? The primary reason we do it is to ensure that you can achieve the best postage rates available. By meeting the criteria set down by the Royal Mail for ‘optical character recognition’ or OCR readable mail then you can make maximum savings on your postage costs, from as little as 19p per item.

Ensuring your database matches the PAF will also dramatically increase its deliverability.

How much does it cost? We can give your data a FREE health-check. We can tell you how many of your records are incorrect and need to be altered to match the PAF.

Specific details of the PAF file can be found here:



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