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Reduce your postage costs!

April once again saw the annual price rise from Royal Mail for posting business mail. Your franking machine rate for posting a 2nd class letter has gone up again, now to a whopping 33p.

But what option have you got? A stamp is 50p so that’s a no no.

If you are posting 250 or more letters at a time then why not ask FBI Direct to quote on posting it for you?

Our rate for postage on 250 – 4000 letters is 27p + VAT, you do the maths, it soon adds up. And for over 4000 letters at a time it can be as low as 20p per item.

We also offer massively discounted overseas postage rates.

And if you are pushed for time we can of course organise the whole print / pack / post process for you from start to finish.

In most cases our total print / pack / post cost is less than you pay for just the postage alone on your franking machine.

Call us today on 01332 348 593 for more details. What have you got to lose?

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