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Everything’s gone green

What were 80’s electro-pop group New Order thinking about when they wrote this song back in 1981? I doubt it was global warming or carbon emissions, although I might be wrong. I wanted a title for this post that summed up our efforts to make what we do here as ‘green’ as possible, and this seemed to fit the bill!

I recently saw an article which highlighted how much it cost local councils to process the waste paper generated by direct mail. It ran in to tens of millions of pounds. Followed by an outcry from people outraged that their ‘community charge’ was being spent on processing unnecessary rubbish.

Hmmm… I wonder if they realise that direct mail generated 15 billion pounds worth of revenue for the UK economy in 2012? ¬†And that 23% of ALL sales are generated by DM, and furthermore a whacking 530,000 people are employed directly in the DM industry in the UK. Maybe that would make them think again. Without that ‘rubbish’ the UK wouldn’t be so much on it’s knees as lying in a gutter somewhere…

But what has that do to with being “green” you ask? Well the point is, we do our best to make sure that the rubbish has as little impact on the environment as possible. All of our paper is FSC approved / stewarded and our polywrap is all bio-degradable, not the nasty stuff that takes millions of years to rot. All of our direct paper, card and plastic waste is separately processed and collected by a recycling company.

It costs us more money to do it, but it’s something we feel strongly about.

Now to write a blog about Blue Monday… I hate Mondays…



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