Live case study: direct mail vs. email. The results.

We have recently done some mailing work for a client which was run in tandem with an email campaign. Both campaigns were very similar in overall design but the client was clever enough to make both sets of responses fully trackable.

Here are the findings:

The email campaign consisted of a one off email to 120,000 recipients.

The postal campaign was a simple postcard sent to 12,000 recipients.

The postal campaign resulted in FOUR times the number of sales, despite the fact that it was sent to 90% less people.

The data was sourced from the same supplier, using cross-sections from each SIC category for each media distribution channel.

This may not be absolute proof of the power of the printed word, as there will be some mitigating factors that will have influenced the results, but it’s certainly interesting.

Their next marketing effort with be more focused on postal mailing.

Think that’s direct mail 1, email nil! A real no-brainer!

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