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How to get your mailshot opened

Some simple ideas on how you can get your mailshots opened.

1. Use stamps.

Stamps? But they are 50p each! Why would I want to do that when my franking machine is only 33p? I want to save money not waste it!

Simple answer: because your franking machine may as well say ‘sales mailshot enclosed, please bin immediately’.

But if you were sending a “personal” letter then you would put a stamp on it wouldn’t you? Be honest, do you open all the letters with stamps on? I do.

And here’s an interesting concept. If you are posting over 4000 letters there is a procedure that allows you to use real stamps but only pay as little as 20p per stamp for them. Contact us for details.

2. Use a handwriting font on the envelope.

Sounds obvious but still very rarely done. By using a handwriting font you can make your envelope look to all intents and purposes like it was written by your fair hand. We have the technology to enable you to do this simply and efficiently.

3. Use good data.

It goes without saying that if your data is pants then so will be your response rate. We can remove duplicates, dead people, moved away people and also clean up the addresses to match the post-office address file. It is actually cheaper per record to clean it than to post it, so why do people still insist on posting out-of-date databases?

4. More is less.

This is more of a personal preference that an actual scientific analysis. An envelope with just my name and address and the postage on it needs to be opened, or how else do you know who it was from?

…and finally…..

…of course once they are opened they rest is down to the content as to what happens next… over to you….

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