The printed envelope debate.

Here’s a question we get asked quite a lot. Does printing the ‘offer’ on the outside of the envelope harm or help the response rates?

And it’s a good question. In an ideal world you would address this by mailing to 50% of your test database with a full colour glossy envelope, and the other 50% with a plain white minimalistic envelope. You’d track the responses by using unique response codes or unique landing pages on your website and then you’d have a better idea. But that is in an ideal world.

In the real world have you really got the time or budget to do that? Maybe trialing 250 at a time might work, but if you only got a couple of responses would that be enough to measure accurately what the rest of your database is likely to do, and roll out your campaign based on what is sketchy information at best?

So what do you do? You look on google for answers! And google tells you that plain envelopes will get you a typical 1% or 2 % response rate, and the colour printed envelopes could ┬ádouble your rates to nearer 3% or 4 %. Thanks google, you’ve saved the day!

Hmmmm… maybe not. The truth is that there is no magic answer unfortunately. What works for one won’t work as well for another, just like many things in life.

We can supply you with plain envelopes or full colour envelopes, whatever shape, size or colour you like. But it’s whats inside that really counts… well, it is if you can get them to open it in the first place! … and how do you do that… ???

Well, you could print your offer on the outside, or you could leave it blank so they have to open it… but now we are going around in circles!!

Or you could try some simple, well established cheats. Details to follow in the next blog entry!



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