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Social media vs. direct mail

Well, here’s a thing. Two very different methods of reaching out, but are they competing with each other, or do they actually complement each other?

In the blue corner we have direct mail. Traditionally seen as  “interruption” marketing, but given today’s levels of demographic profiling is that still the case? Gone are the days of speculative mailings to ‘the managing director’. It simply isn’t good enough to hope that it’ll get to the right person, and that he or she might be interested in your offering. Who’s got money to waste like that now days? Not us for sure.

We’ve seen a big decline in what you might term as ‘junk mail’, with everybody now ‘opted in’. And that has been echoed by what’s landing on our doormats. Now you get the junk in your email inbox instead. Would you like to buy some viagra? We’ve got dozens of suppliers we can point you at!

So in the red corner, a relative newcomer to the sport, Social media. Born of the digital age, this is participation marketing. You, the consumer has the choice whether to engage with it or ditch it, you are in control. And if it tries too hard to sell to you the relationship could well be over in a ‘click’.

So, who are you going to back? Not an easy choice. Looking at the form book direct mail is making real advances, generating 23% of UK sales and rising. But then social media is everywhere. Hey, you’re reading this blog so it must work!

Perhaps you don’t have to choose one or the other. A campaign utilising both media, and why not throw in a bit of email marketing for good measure. The beauty of them all, they are 100% trackable, accountable, measurable. All with the same goal, just very different ways of approaching it.



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