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How to make your business Christmas cards look more personal

It’s nice to get Christmas cards from customers and suppliers, always makes me feel valued.

But isn’t it a bind? All that writing out envelopes, sticking on stamps, and that nasty taste you get in your mouth from licking the envelopes? And what is that glue made from? Is it still horses hooves? Probably not anymore, but it’s the thought that counts!

And that’s just how I feel, and I’ve got a small army of helpers and an array of technology at my disposal to make it easy! So yes, Christmas card are a pain in the backside for many companies.

So what do you do instead, you print some address labels, stick them on at jaunty angles? Stick the envelopes through your franking machine and hey presto, job done, easy peasy. Looks a bit pants though doesn’t it? Do you think it made your best customer feel valued?

Last year we did a lovely Christmas card job for a computer company in Derby. They appreciate their customer base and wanted to make a real effort to make sure that their cards looked like they had been prepared with some love, which with over 1000 customers is no mean feat!

Firstly we sourced some beautiful holly berry red envelopes. We then ink-jetted the addresses directly on to the envelopes using a special handwriting font, and to finish off we affixed some beautiful Christmas stamps. To the untrained eye they looked very much like they had been lovingly prepared by hand.

It’s now coming to the time of year when you need to start thinking about these sort of things, sorry. We can even source the Christmas cards print if it makes your life just that little bit easier!

Christmas cards don’t have to be stressful, let us take the strain.

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