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Direct mail and the UK economy

I’m sure that we all feel the same when we get an unwanted item of mail through the post. You didn’t ask for it, it’s of no interest to you, it’s straight in the bin, or the shredder if you are paranoid like I am!

But next time you do receive a mailing like this spare a thought for the UK economy.

That envelope makes up part of the 14.2 billion pounds of revenue that is generated in sales due entirely to direct mail. It’s a product of the 530,000 people that are directly employed in the UK’s direct mail industry. It represents 23% of all sales that occur in the UK today. And it’s rising.

It may not be relevant to you, and that is often down to bad or the extremely speculative marketing practice sometimes of the ‘big boys’ in the industry. But before you dismiss it out of hand, have a thought for how much work went in to producing it, and how much the UK would suffer if you didn’t get a letter telling you that you are owed a PPI refund or money for the accident you never had!

Yes, there are environmental arguments, the trees, the transport, the ozone layer, the cost of disposal. But these are things that the industry as a whole is very pro-active about addressing. It’s a rare occasion indeed that paper we use isn’t recycled or FSC approved. Our polythene wrapping is all bio-degradable, almost to the point that sometimes it’s quite happily already degrading when we come to run a job…. damn you tree huggers!

So, direct mail, you may not always like it, but it is actually good for Britain!




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