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some tips to improve your direct mail response rates

20 years in the direct mail industry have given us some insight as to what works and what doesn’t. However there are no hard and fast rules for improving your direct mail response rates, what works for some won’t work as well for others.

If you are sending a mailing then here are some handy hints that may help to boost your response rates:

Make sure your data is clean.

There is nothing worse than sending it to someone that has asked not to receive it, that it has no relevance to, or has received duplicated mailings. A professional mailing company can help you to address these issues. 

Make it personal.

A wonky label, maybe stuck over an envelope window? A hand stamped ropey postage indicia?  A shoddy manila envelope? What does that say about you and your product? It says cheap, it says “it’ll do”.  As one of my clients said “looks like it’s a dodgy mag landing on the doorstep”…..

Tricks of the trade.

We all know what a mailshot looks like. We all get them every day. But there are some simple procedures that can help to get your envelope opened once they hit the doormat.

Have you considered using stamps? But they are so expensive I hear you cry! They don’t have to be. With the right ‘procedures’ you can use stamps and still get the postage discounts associated with sending a mailshot.

Broadcast or hide? The less information you give your prospect on the outside of the envelope, then the more likely they are to open it, simply because they have to. The alternative school of thought, print your un-missable offer on the envelope and make them want to open it . Different approaches work for different products.

Envelope or polythene? A recent poll concluded that envelopes are preferred. People seem to see polythene as bad for the environment, although many mailing companies now use bio-degradable film, but of course most people wouldn’t realise that. Recycled paper and envelopes help balance out the negatives associated with ‘Tree’s”, so make sure you broadcast the fact that you are environmentally friendly.  As are we!

And finally…. don’t try this at home (or at work).

Your competition are probably using a mailing company to get professional results, if you start cobbling it together then it will look just that, cobbled together. By using the services of a professional mailing company the irony is that what we can save you on postage will usually more than cover the costs involved in printing, stuffing and posting it. In essence you save money by using us. The overall cost will be lower than doing it yourself.


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