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New Service offering: Group discount mailings

If you send out sales mailshot letters on a regular basis then you may find this of interest….. Group discount mailings.

Get together a small group of like minded people (typically FOUR of you) who want to send out their own sales mailshot letter and so long as we can get a COMBINED total of 4000 UK records between you then we can access Royal Mail’s “advertising mailmark” product – giving you THE cheapest postage rate on the market.

You can also reap the benefits of using what looks like an actual 2nd class stamp on the outbound envelope, making your prospect far more likely to open the envelope as they believe it to be a good old fashioned stamp, and therefore a personal letter and not just junk mail.

With all-inclusive prices starting from as little as 40p plus VAT for a single sided black only letter printed on quality 100gsm A4 paper what have you got to lose?

Or you could just go and buy yourself some 2nd class stamps at 68p each and do it all yourself…. your choice!

Go on, find some friends and get in touch!

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