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Charity shop gift aid experience

With ‘shabby chic’ ever growing in popularity we seem to be heading in droves looking for up-cycling projects in Charity shops…

…..personally I’m always on the lookout to replace my lost vinyl LPs from off of the 1980’s…..

… but when you reach the til and the lovely sales assistant asks you to ‘gift aid it’ does it make your heart sink, just a little?

As much as we all understand the benefits to the Charity of claiming the tax back, the pain of “name and address, etc etc” at the point of sale always fills me with dread, but you can’t really say no can you…. it just wouldn’t be fair….

So I have to say I was delighted to find a Charity Shop on a recent visit to Belper High Street in Derbyshire that has actually addressed the issue. Postcode, house number, surname. Job done, no pain, typed straight in to the til. Happy customer. Well done.





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