“It's been great working with you over the last few years - you've been a real star. Don't know if I'll be doing any big mailings at the new place, but am taking your contact details with me just in case!
Kind regards, “

Sandra Johal
Marketing Team Leader Nottingham City Homes

“I would like to thank you for an excellent job in completing the mailing despite all the extra problems you encountered. Well done to you and all of your staff. Many thanks. “

Ann Ridgway
Membership & Administration Officer Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

"Many thanks for your help, hard work and stress-relieving ideas on the garden evening project. Without your dedication and willingness to work with far from perfect materials and planning we would not have been able to go ahead with this year’s evenings."

Darren Cook
The Royal Horticultural Society

“We have been using FBI Direct for a number of years now we have been extremely pleased with their high level of customer service and efficient handling of our various mailings and I would be more than happy to recommend FBI Direct. Their ability to produce Royal Mail postage discounts by the use of Mailsort has enabled them to take a great deal of workload off of our shoulders at little or no direct costs to us, the Mailsort Discount effectively paying for the service FBI are providing. “

Max Sherman
Manager MGA Charity